All 24 Songs from the Movie “Pariah” on Netflix

This is just a list because I dug the music in this film and I want to download many of the songs at a later date. I definitely recommend “Pariah,” especially if you are into queer, black, coming-of-age stories. Alike is a compelling protagonist and Adepero Oduye brought so much honesty to her portrayal. Okay, list time.

  1. Cocky by Reema Major
  2. My Swag by Reema Major
  3. Gucci Bag by Reema Major
  4. My Neck, My Back by Khia
  5. Give Me Room by Kandi Cole
  6. Doin My Thing by Sparlha Swa
  7. That’s Hot by Reema Major
  8. Krunksta by Trevor Lawrence, Jr.
  9. Do You by Kandi Cole
  10. Someday, Someway by Sparlha Swa
  11. I’m So Major by Reema Major
  12. Zydeco by Dan Radlauer
  13. Drone2 by The Carps
  14. Echelon by Honeychild Coleman
  15. Damn Good Friends by Elle Varner
  16. Arabic Princess by Reema Major
  17. Top Blow by Daisha
  18. Boot by Tamar-kali
  19. Pearl by Tamar-kali
  20. Your Girl by Tamar-kali
  21. Parallel by Audio Dyslexia
  22. Migromelodi by Chewing Pics
  23. Song of the Morning by Sparlha Swa
  24. Fire with Fire by Tamar-kali

Whew! I don’t remember alla that being in the film, but here we are. Author’s note: for every time I wrote “by,” “performed by” was supposed to be implicit.

Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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