More Comics I Found Lurking in my Mobile Tabs

Well, are, um…

(This would be a good time to mention that I’ve been binge watching Living Single on Hulu and I thoroughly enjoy Overton Wakefield Jones’ verbal tics.)

So, here’s the thing, fam: I’m still an internet tab hoarder. I’ve made little to no progress since my last confessional/list post, even though I’ve read 214 articles since writing it. That same laughing emoji continues to taunt me, “You’ll never read all of these, never!!”

I would say, in my defense, that I’ve also been binge reading Roxane Gay’s online fiction pieces, opening anywhere from five to fifteen tabs at a time, greedy in my consumption of the delectable way that human puts words in order, but honestly there’s no defense for me.

All this is to say that I found ten more comics lurking in my mobile tabs and I’m still convinced that making a list post out of ’em is the most productive way to pretend I’ll ever get through these tabs alive.

In the spirit of denial and tab hoarding, I present to you all: Ten More Comics I Would Love to Read in Full Someday!!!

  1. Saga (specifically Saga #8) written by Brian K. Vaughn, illustrated by Fiona Staples
  2. Fantastic Four V5 #10 (2014) written by James Robinson
  3. Natashane Adventures by Shane and Tasha
  4. Tamberlane by Caytlin Vilbrandt
  5. The Witches of Anaria by Jayelle Anderson
  6. Envelove by Steve Streza and Christina Cornford
  7. Full Circle written by Taneka Stotts, drawn by Christianne Goudreau, colored by Genué Revuelta
  8. Love Circuits written by Taneka Stotts, illustrated by Genué Revuelta, lettered by Melanie Ujimori
  9. Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis
  10. [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo


Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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