And We’re Back!

soap bubbles floating in rays of sunlight

If I thought I had a following I would apologize for neglecting you this long, but I know I’m alone out here chillin’, for now.

I decided to get more intentional about my writing than trying to eke out a blog post once a month, or less often. I signed up for The Write Practice‘s daily creative writing lessons, downloaded their book 14 Prompts, made my own master list of prompts I collected from the internet, and have been holding myself to a fifteen minutes a day standard for about four days now.

Today’s prompt came from lesson #3 from The Write Practice and it was about playing with words and not being such a perfectionist all the time. Not that I’m guilty of that. Not at all. No…

So, anyway! The following are the four nonsense poems I managed to come up with in the fifteen minute time period. I followed up with a little light editing (I changed ‘make’ to ‘knit’ in one of them) and messing around with line breaks.

The results:

pterodactyl lavender sauce
butterfly butter better breaded
landing strong on hot tarmac

bread jumping flying writhing writing here
see touch feel smell taste the rainbow
colors spread rapidly rounding wronging healing
wounds brightly pouring seeping crying weeping
heaps of yarn like snakes sleeping
curling rolling roiling mounds of angora
wool you itching wishing sighing dying
lying to knit that golden scarf out of hay

rapidly happily tastefully merrily marry me
to the stars we all come from
return to water blindingly brilliantly
carrying your air in a bubble on your back
rings of lilac clacking banging clanging
screaming peace into my nostrils
expelling ghosts like air from two tired lungs
rescue me you jumping frothing swirling
pretty thing itty bitty witty
this thing surrounding us a sponge
sopping up the air like bread to gravy
this bread between us this air thick
with the yeast of misunderstanding

queenly stately matriarch Monarch
orange wings
beating softly nightly
rhythm and rhyme
in time with the fallen
rain that came
and flooded
the plane of existence we flew to
when we ate two
grams of mushrooms and
the tiny slugs under fallen
on the trail floor
whispered stories of their glory before
salt fell from the sky got in our eyes
salt in our wounds make you cry we cried
we lied spread eagle star fishes
in the sun that bled
through green leaves dancing
prancing glancing off one another
know leaving well
dwell for seasons changing
remaining unseen under
so many
different types of feet
does my lack of claws
disturb you?

I like the last one the best so I spent the most time messing around with its line breakage. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the nonsense poetry. If you want to try it yourself, here’s a link.

Peace, love, and dancing birds. ❤

Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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