7 Day Writing Challenge

Black woman writing in journal

Hi friends! Mini-update below!

I recently participated in The Write Practice‘s 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge. The goal was to write 1,000 words each day for seven days. I chose to free-write because I don’t do enough of it on my own. The challenge was free to participants and at the end of the seven days I received an email with a free copy of The Book Writing Roadmap by Joe Bunting, founder of The Write Practice.

I really enjoyed myself. I was initially slightly concerned it would feel like an impossible chore to come up with a chiliad of words every day for seven days, but I was more excited to be able to say, “I did the thing.” It was even fun figuring out ways to maintain this short term daily practice without letting any of my other responsibilities fall by the wayside, without allowing it to eat up all of my free time.

I began on a Monday, writing in my notebook at work , typing up what I’d written (and completing the word quota) on my laptop each night because I thought the ritual was important. That lasted four days. Then, I skipped a day by accident. Then, the weekend came. Then, my pen died during a train ride into the city for the day. Then, I remembered I have writing apps, with word counters, on my phone and there was literally no reason not to have been using one of them the entire time. Whoops.

One day, I decided to challenge myself not to use any contractions. A simple thing, but still an added layer of nuance to what I was already doing. I thought about imposing all sorts of rules on myself throughout the process: “I should use this as an opportunity to dig into my Master List of Prompts,” or “I should use this to work on characterization for my comic book idea,” or “I should write a fiction story for the practice.” Ultimately, I used this opportunity to take the pressure off of myself, for once. I always feel like I’m behind in my field, my major, the thing as a result of which I now have massive debt. It felt amazing forcing myself to let that go for seven days…plus another Monday, because did I mention how tricky the weekend was?

As a result of my participation in this writing challenge, I now feel a desire, instead of an obligation, to write every day. It’s like it renewed me, which sounds extremely cheesy, but here we are. If you’re into writing, recreationally or otherwise, I’d recommend pursuing a challenge like this. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the week is more than worth it.

I did the thing.

That’s pretty dope.

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I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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