What webtoons have YOU been reading?

You may not have clocked this about me, but I enjoy comics. Web comics. Graphic novels. Sunday paper strips. All of the above. But I am here today to talk to you about our lord and savior…. just kidding! Let’s talk WEBTOON!

If you don’t know: WEBTOON is a free app and website where anyone can enjoy original web comics of any genre, and they have a formidable, ever-growing collection. Now you know. And you should really check it out.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s been an uptick of “participate to get free coins!” campaigns on this app lately. I am not complaining. As far as I can tell more coins means more reading, so bring it on. Currently, they’re running No Sleep November, in which it is possible to win a whopping one thousand coins. Do you have any idea how many comics you could read ahead in with one thousand coins?!

So in the spirit of reading all of the things, allow me to present to you my own personal WEBTOON Current Reading List:

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe
romance – 134 episodes – 134 read (by me, hi!)

Even if you haven’t read it yet, odds are you’ve stumbled across the incredible cosplays inspired by this comic. It’s The Taking of Persephone retold, and it’s probably trending. For good reason. If you’re into classical Greek and Roman mythology, fan fiction, romance, captivating visuals, cosplay inspo, and/or new spins on classic tales, you’re going to want to get into this. Even if you aren’t into any of those things, I still say check it out. Let the beauty overwhelm you.

My Daughter is a Zombie by Yun-chang Lee
comedy – 91 episodes – 12 read

Jeonghwan is a typical single father doing his best to raise his teenage daughter Su-ah, or he was before the outbreak. Now, he’s a typical single father doing his best to raise his teenage zombie daughter in secret. Nbd. I never knew a fictional zombie pandemic could be so amusing. Get into it.

Tales of the Unusual by Sungdae Oh
horror – 281 episodes – 32 read

Love a good anthology series! I know what’s been sung, I know what’s been written, but happiness might actually be a seemingly endless supply of limited series comics. These stories are creepy, haunting, thrilling, scary, strange, unusual, and they were absolutely perfect on Halloween night after sitting up in the dark listening to spooky stories by candlelight.

Unholy Blood by Lina Im and Jeonghyeon Kim
supernatural – 7 episodes – 6 read

I’m a sucker (hehe) for a vampire story. This one is still unfolding, but so far we’ve got: extremely powerful female protagonist, mysterious and attractive male counterpart, and an abundance of vampire hysteria. I know we’re building towards a heck of a fight and I’m excited to see how it goes down.

Ctrl+Z by MiTi
thriller – 76 episodes – 9 read

Anytime I try to think about the premise for this one my brain is overrun with The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips. The son of an infamous serial killer has an opportunity to rewrite the story when he discovers an ability to erase people’s memories. This one gets the blood racing, that’s for sure.
And so we cannot know ourselves or what we’d really do
With all your power
What would you do?

microHUNTER by B. Y and JRobin
action – 8 episodes 3 read

Have you ever been in the middle of trying to do something nice for someone when suddenly you shrink down to rat food size? No? Just Baekhyeon then? What should have been a very straightforward errand turns into an action-packed fight for survival in this comic about a brother and sister figuring things out in the wake of an accident 2 years prior.

Freaking Romance by Snailords
romance – 75 episodes – 1 read

This was one of those late-at-night, should-really-be-sleeping finds. An 18 year old moves into her first apartment. It just so happens to be haunted by “a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension.” I’m not yet sure if we’re heading into a ghosty type scenario or a transdimensional travelin’ type scenario, but I’m along for this ride.

So, what webtoons have you been reading lately?
Recs for recs 😉

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