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Since we’re still stuck beneath the boot of late-stage capitalism…get that pocket change, fam!

UPDATE 2/19/21

I can no longer in good faith recommend Survey Junkie to anyone. As stated in the original post: I’m out here on a mission. I’m out here with specific gift card goals because 1) the pandemic has exacerbated my ‘buy things’ reflex like never before and 2) cosplays do not grow on trees.

As I approached one of these goals on the Survey Junkie platform, yellow text appeared to inform me that a $50 redemption would involve a waiting period while they investigated the account. (I’m paraphrasing because I’ve since moved on from this company.) I was only a few dollars shy so I thought, alright, I’ll redeem now so no one has to waste time with that weird extra step. I was anxious. I would only be able to redeem a $25 gift card and a $15 gift card, still $10 under my desired goal. Annoying, but I was anxious. I redeemed the $25 card and, true to form, the e-code appeared in my inbox shortly. I attempted to redeem the $15 gift card and was blocked. I verified my account and tried again. Blocked. I might’ve gone through this song and dance once more before I reached out to customer support because by then more yellow text had appeared saying I needed to check in.

Let me go ahead and tell you what Survey Junkie will not until it is too late: their fraud detection system flags any attempt to redeem multiple gift cards as fraud and will suspend your account. For using the platform the way it was presented to you. “But I have more than enough points to redeem these gift cards!” I hear ya. So did I. I explained my situation to customer support. Nobody cared. There is also no language in the FAQ or Terms & Conditions (when last I checked) that states this, only the suggestion that users split their redemption between gift card and other methods. If this can happen to me, it can happen to any innocent user, and that is too big a design flaw for me to waste any further energy on this site. Technically, Survey Junkie will always owe me a $15 gift card, but they don’t care and I’ve moved on. I just wanted to be sure and warn anyone that makes time to read this post. Now that you’ve been warned, hopefully you can avoid the nonsense I experienced. Utilize Survey Junkie at your own risk.


As the title suggests, this post will be a slight shift from what you may have grown to expect from this space. The good news is we’re still on topic because the topic is whatever I want it to be. *wink*

I’ve been wanting to attempt this paid survey rundown for a little while now. What better time than the final day of 2020? I’m going to cover the survey sites and apps I engage with, why I like them, the cash out options for each, and I’ll try to toss in some visuals as well.

Note: I’m an Android user so this rundown will be from an Android perspective as far as mobile apps are concerned. Note 2: I’m not in any partnerships with anybody (although I’m open!) these are just products I use and have used for a few years, and I’d like to spread the good word. Note 3: I’m a stranger on the internet, folks. Please do your own research to decide what paid survey apps, sites, and other opportunities feel best for you.


1Q is an app available on Google Play that I long ago deleted from my phone. However, like the reckless smartphone user I ought to try harder not to be, I didn’t bother to delete my account. Cut to 2020. I receive a text and realize it’s from 1Q, a multiple choice survey question in my text inbox, reply using [A, B, C, D, etc]. So, I reply, and moments later, true to form, there’s another 25 cents in my PayPal account.

1Q pays you directly to your PayPal account, or they will pay a charity of your choosing. It’s an instant 25 cents per question, according to their Google Play page. If you don’t have PayPal, they’ll send you a signup link with your first completed survey and your payout will be there waiting for you once you create the account. If you download the app, you’ll have the option to receive push notifications alerting you of new survey opportunities, to provide 1Q access to your location services, and to see the total of your money earned over time. The more they know about you (like location) the better your odds of receiving survey opportunities. In my experience, the payout has always been very swift, not just same-day, but mere moments after submitting my responses.

This is, of course, not the most lucrative paid survey app. As the name suggests, you’re probably going to get about one question at a time, especially if you pull a me by downloading the app and then deleting it without removing your account, thus limiting your opportunities to what can be texted to you based on the last location update you provided in the app. Maximize your payout, maximize your fun, by downloading the app. Surveys typically take 30 seconds or less, but the app can provide surprise opportunities that could take longer and pay more.

And if you don’t have PayPal, consider downloading the app anyway and sending an extra 25 cents per question past the charity of your choosing. Why not?

1Q mobile app. Image from Google Play.
1Q mobile app. Image from Google Play.


YouGov is another app available on Google Play. There is also a website; peep that first hyperlink in the previous sentence. This internet-based market research and data analytics firm operates on a point-based system. Cash out options include bank transfer ($50 or $100) and a plethora of gift card options (Nike, Footlocker, FreshGift, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Global Hotel Card, Michaels, Target, AMC, Applebee’s, Regal, Chili’s 4-Choice, TJX, GameStop, Macy’s, Lowes, Old Navy, and Amazon). The point breakdown is going to vary slightly depending on your preferred cash out.

A $50 bank transfer is going to run you 55,000 points. Ditto a $50 Amazon, Nike, or Global Hotel Card gift card. A $100 bank transfer will run you 100,000 points. Ditto a $100 Amazon gift card. A $15 Amazon gift card will be 25,000 points. A $25 gift card will be 30,000 points, and the remaining $50 gift cards will be 60,000. That was a lot of numbers all in your face, but I feel it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

I tried out the app for a short while, but sometimes these apps like to sign me out without my consent. So, I deleted it. I receive my survey notifications via email. From there, the link takes me to the survey, which will tell me how many points it is worth as well as the estimated duration in minutes within the first page or so. There may even be an optional quick bonus survey of sorts, usually worth about 100-200 points, offered at the end of a main survey.

There are other “for fun” aspects to YouGov, such as the daily questions, usually having to do with current events and will show you results by category in real-time, and the profile questions, which could cover anything from your opinions on magazines to health care to culture & arts to sustainability to celebrities. These “for fun” situations are also for free. They will not earn you points. I’m out here on a mission, so I tend to focus on the surveys worth points because that’s how you get paid. Points = Paid. Let the alliteration guide you.

You will most likely find that YouGov is a considerable step above 1Q in terms of lucrativeness. Surveys are slightly more frequent and cash out options are obviously much higher. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to come across a single survey worth the equivalent points of a cash out. Big ones are usually worth 2,000-5,000 points at a time. So, this is a game of patience, one I’ve found to be worth playing.

If you have a problem with a survey, it has been my experience that you can report it. You won’t obtain points for an unfinished survey, but that comes down to you and your principles. Is the survey with an obvious political bent annoying you? Pull a me and fight through it for the points, or simply leave it in the dust. Is there a survey that seems a bit too offensive for no discernible reason? Report it! Voice your concerns in the provided text box. Other surveys will come.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is both a website and app available on Google Play. This app has not signed me out without my consent, so it is still on my phone. Out of the three paid survey services I currently deal with, I’d say Survey Junkie provides the highest volume of available surveys for you to choose from at your discretion. This is another point-based platform, only this time one point equals one cent. The redemption minimum is a smooth $5, allowing you to access your earnings all the quicker.

Cash out options run the gamut of bank transfer, PayPal, or gift cards (including Starbucks, Target, and Amazon). I always opt for PayPal. It’s very quick, and I have a little rule where I’m only allowed to buy new Sims packs if there is money in my PayPal account. Surveys are labeled by duration in minutes and point value. For the longest time, I only interacted with this service via email. I feel I hoard too many gaming apps at a time and I used to have another little rule where I could only download a new recreational app if I deleted one first. I no longer try to hold myself to that standard. I still receive the new survey alert emails, only now when I click the link from my phone I can open it in the app instead of my mobile browser.

I believe this will be the most bang-for-your-buck/time spent of the three options I’ve covered. There’s always a stash of surveys lurking, it takes far less time to achieve the redemption minimum than it would with YouGov, and it provides the most cash out options.


That’s all, folks! I’ve nothing more to add. I hope this post was useful to you. I hope you are able to have a joyous and safe New Year’s experience.

Buh-bye now!

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