Lil Sparks: Inner Child Work with Restorative Magick

blank coloring pages featuring planets with colored pencils scattered over top

Salutations and happy Spring, folks! Also, uh, Happy New Year! I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with an experience to share.

Starting in February, I had the chance to participate in a 5-week intensive with Restorative Magick, called Little Spark, all about honoring the Inner Child. This took place via Zoom, as have most human interactions over the past year.

Restorative Magick is a collective that exists to create a space for those identifying with the femme experience to reclaim their inner goddexx, inner magic. Founder and CEO Siona is dedicated to cultivating safe spaces to learn, grow, and be vulnerable by holding room for all participants to come as we are without judgment.

When Siona contacted me about this upcoming opportunity, I’d already been noticing an apparent uptick in the mention of inner child work around the interwebs. I thought, “yeah, that seems like a good idea, but how does one go about it?” Cue Siona with the perfect timing.

Week one was about the introductions. We began with a grounding meditation and introduced ourselves. Then we did some prompted journaling about who our inner children are and why they’re important now. Appropriately, there were also a couple of games. We played a word game, defining big-concept words, like hope, love, and danger, as if to a child. We also had a silly scavenger hunt, because you must. Siona drew 3 cards from the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck to represent the theme of our time together. We did another meditation, this time inviting our inner children out to play. In the end, we closed as we would every week by determining a mantra for the session to yell out in unison. We are all pineapple pizzas. If you know, you know.

Over the next four sessions, we explored topics such as the mother wound, the father wound, identifying and fulfilling the inner child’s wants and needs, and honoring our imaginary friends.

It was a really special experience. I would do it again with gratitude.

Though the Little Spark series is now complete, Restorative Magick is always churning out new offerings for the people. Sitting Bitch began yesterday, April 6, and Invisible Witches starts May 11. To find out more and treat yourself to an offering, you can follow Restorative Magick on Instagram and Facebook, or check out the website at Say yes to you.

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