Webtoon, Why?

Hey, y’all! I know it’s been a minute. I just wanted to acknowledge that I know that. I’ve recently had to confront a hard truth, so I wanted to swing by and drop off a cute little warning about it.

Let me preface by saying I still love Webtoon. But bruh.

Here’s the thing. I recently got a new phone. It was very much time. It was actually past time. I was risking 1-2 chunks of glass in my thumb with every swipe. That screen protector did the best it could under the circumstances, I suppose.

So I go to log in to Webtoon on the new device, but it looks wrong. Namely, my Recent list is plum empty. Utterly devoid of comics. There should be over 90 comics on this dang list. So I logged back out. Clearly, I did something wrong and accidentally created a new account. Let’s try this again and pay better attention.

Nope! I’m sorry to say it, and far more so to have found out the hard way and during a coin check-in campaign, but Webtoon does not transfer your Recent reads list data to your new device. Nor does it transfer your coins. Let me stress that data such as subscriptions and comments will be perfectly fine. But your reading history? They dunno her.

I completed the coin check-in campaign, and I got my five coins, but they’re only good on my old phone. Another pro tip is that you may only have one device registered to your Webtoon account at a time, and you may only swap registered devices thrice a month. Currently, my old phone has the coins, and I will have to pretend to be satisfied with using 60% of them to get one episode further in Orange Marmalade than the daily pass limit allows. Then I can go ahead and have the new phone be the registered device. I just wanted to let y’all know so you don’t experience the same level of nasty shock I did.

I would advise keeping a list in your notes app of what you’re reading and what issue you’re on if you know you have a new or replacement phone coming into your life soon. I was able to keep my old phone, but the way these contracts are set up is zany, and that is not always a feasible option.

Avoid the pain I felt, folks. And happy reading!

Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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