How It’s Going…

Remember that NaNoWriMo update I promised a week ago?? Yeah….

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Comics doesn’t know how time works,” and I can see why you’d think so!

I do, for the record. I do actually know how time works. That doesn’t mean I’m good at perceiving it in the ways our capitalist system often demands it is perceived, but I am aware.

I just wanted y’all to know that I know I said I’d follow up last week and I fully did not.

Things went…whichever is the bad direction. This is my second “double writing day” this week. “Double writing days” are when I am unable to make myself write the day before and I commit to writing twice as much the next day. It’s just been that kind of week. I did curse the month of November one time out of being fed up with needing yet another DWD (I’ve got to shorten it or it will drive me batty), but I know it isn’t November’s fault per se. It just is what it is.

What it is (in the spirit of accountability):
  • Nov 3 – 576 words
  • Nov 4 – 515 words
  • Nov 5 – 890 words
  • Nov 6 – 727 words
  • Nov 7 – 584 words
  • Nov 8 – 552 words
  • Nov 9 – nope
  • Nov 10 – 1318 words
  • Nov 11 – nope
  • Nov 12 – 550 words and counting!

My only goal is to write a minimum of 500 words a day. It does not have to be about anything particular. It does not have to be a continuation of any of the stories I’ve started writing over the past couple of years. (Pause here so the protagonists imprisoned in my grey matter can boo at me.) It only has to be 500 words, or more, in semi-coherent sentence structure. I am building a writing practice. Someday I may attempt an actual novel during NaNoWriMo. This is not that day. That day has not been born yet. That day is not yet even a twinkle in its progenitor’s eye.

You take your time, Someday. We’ll see each other when we’re both ready.

So, how has NaNoWriMo been treating you? What’s been difficult or disappointing? What have you been able to do to circumvent those challenges? What’s been surprisingly rad? Have you taken any time to celebrate those little wins? Sound off in the comments! I’m trying to build community here, people. I want to know what you think!

I’ll check in again at the end of the month to let you know how it all went down. Cheers!

(Also, come check us out on Patreon! Join the ghoul kids! Yes, I’ve decided I’m never going to stop using that phrase.)

Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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