How It Went!

The end of NaNoWriMo round up!

December salutations! NaNoWriMo is officially complete! We made it!

How do you feel? How did it go? Are you shocked? Proud? Bewildered? Exhausted?

I think the thing I set out to do actually worked. That feels weird, but it’s true.

The thing that I set out to do was to develop a daily writing practice. I literally just wanted to form the habit of writing at least 500 words every single day and, if I slipped, to make up for it the next day. Here we are on the ninth day of December (yes, I am aware this post is later than I promised – sorry ’bout it) and I am still reaching for my laptop to write at least 500 words a day! That’s actually what I just finished doing before I remembered I want to get this post out, ideally before January occurs.

So, it worked. The thing I set out to do, worked. How strange!

Alright, well, enough with my bewilderment at having accomplished something I wanted to accomplish. Let’s peep the stats, shall we? It would appear I left y’all hanging in the middle of November 12’s efforts. “Double Writing Days” will be marked with the DWD acronym.

How it really went, though…

  • Nov 12 – This was a DWD that began with 550 words and finished strong with 463 words. Insert sunglasses wearing emoji here.
  • Nov 13 – 515 words
  • Nov 14 – nope!
  • Nov 15 – 1029 words, DWD
  • Nov 16 – nope!
  • Nov 17 – 1136 words, DWD
  • Nov 18 – nope!
  • Nov 19 – 1000 words, DWD
  • Nov 20 – 577 words
  • Nov 21 – nope!
  • Nov 22 – 1117 words, DWD
  • Nov 23 – 564 words
  • Nov 24 – 599 words
  • Nov 25 – nope!
  • Nov 26 – 1680 words, DWD
  • Nov 27 – 519 words
  • Nov 28 – 641 words
  • Nov 29 – 514 words
  • Nov 30 – 506 words

So that’s that! How did it go for you? Did you participate? Did you conform to the rules or make up your own? Are you pleased with what you’ve accomplished? Are you planning to try again next year? Sound off in the comments or hit me up on social media. I wanna know!

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Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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