Predictions for Doctor Who Season 12

BBC promotional image for Spyfall

Regarding some of my predictions for Doctor Who season 12, m’y own discombobulation, and references to season 10, “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos,” “Resolution,” and “Spyfall Pt. 1.” I might also end up using “season” and “series” interchangeably, so be forewarned. This is your opportunity to avoid spoilers, sweetie.


I haven’t messed around with cable TV since early college. That world is now almost completely foreign to me. So, perhaps the following is only exclamation worthy to me and for that reason. Series 11 ended with “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” which premiered on BBC One on December 9, 2018. “Resolution,” which I evidently foolishly thought was the 2020 New Year’s special, premiered on BBC One January 1, 2019. Series 12 began with “Spyfall Pt. 1” on January 1, 2020. That’s a little less than a month between “Ranskoor” and “Resolution,” and a full honkin’ year between “Resolution” and “Spyfall.” Netflix and binge culture have ruined me. I’m only just this second wrapping my little brain around these facts. But now that I’ve laid it all out, we can move on.

Daleks and New Year’s Resolutions

Prior to the 2020 premiere, I’d predicted that Daleks and Cybermen would find a way back to The Doctor. Little did I realize one 9th century Dalek already had. I didn’t see Resolution until a full year after it dropped. That’s fully my bad. As stated in a previous post, I fell off for a while. The end of “Resolution” sees The Doctor and her companions jettison the evil squid out of the TARDIS and towards a supernova. It was an emotional moment as the evil little squid had body-snatched Aaron upon the destruction of its casing, but I suspect that is not the last we’ve seen of the Daleks.

Our 9th-century squid friend was only able to reassemble because Lin and Mitch placed the sample containing the Sheffield bit under a UV lamp. The thing is, according to UCSB ScienceLine, a supernova emits energy across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

That spectrum includes ultraviolet light. What’s to stop this Dalek from persevering? Only The Doctor in a future episode. And we already know how Daleks can hold a grudge.

Disguises and Guises

The season 12 opener was absolutely maddening for various reasons. One being that I neglected to predict the return of the best enemy. I knew O couldn’t be trusted even before he flirted with Yaz at the party, but that reveal!

I have to take a beat to shout out the Tissue Compression Eliminator because my mother had a full conniption fit on the sofa beside me when the Master revealed the true O’s whereabouts, RIP. The Tissue Compression Eliminator aka TCE aka decompression eliminator aka Compressor is quite the sinister device that saw its debut simultaneous to the Master in “Terror of the Autons” from season 8 of the original series in the time of the Third Doctor, or, for the uninitiated, the one preceding the one with the scarf. Basically, the Master uses this device to shrink people to death and taunt The Doctor with their tiny corpses. Moving on…

My next prediction is very simple, and I ~think~ there may have been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser supporting it after “Spyfall Pt. 1” aired on cable. I believe the Cybermen are coming back this season. I believe they already have. Those mysterious beings that kept stepping out of the shadows and appearing as humanoid shaped light or ripple effects? I think they’re Cybermen. Consider the moment The Doctor surmises that these must be alien spies planted on Earth, and then the map she was just looking at splits into multiples. O, aka the Master, says, “If you really think they’re spies, we should be asking who’s the spymaster? Who’s running the alien spies? Because that’s the person who holds the answers.”

We now know who the spy…Master is. We know the alien spies are changing human DNA. I understand the creature they managed to trap in the box does not sound like the Cybermen we’re used to, and honestly, I’d be just as excited to be wrong as right. I don’t know the entirety of Who lore and there’s a fine chance that they’ve revitalized and revamped baddies from the original series. But. The last time we saw the Master, and Missy, he was helping orchestrate the gruesome conversion of generations of human beings into Cybermen back in season 10. The Twelfth Doctor taught us that parallel evolution allowed for various factions of Cybermen to develop throughout time and space. I’m wondering if the same thing hasn’t been happening the entire time since last we saw them in the flesh (…steel?). They’ve been evolving, perhaps to the degree that they now have new cloaking and speech capabilities, and now they’re ready for a universal takeover.

As I do not live the cable life, I will have to wait until Xfinity On Demand allows me to watch “Spyfall Pt. 2,” most likely Monday after work, to see how right or wrong I am. Either way, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Yaz, Ryan, and Graham escape that crashing plane, and how The Doctor escapes that weird electric forest.

UPDATE: This was not the episode for Cybermen. Too soon, I guess. But at least one is on the way!

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