Web Comics I Don’t Want to Forget About in 2018

If you’re like me, you probably have an impossible amount of internet tabs open on your phone’s browser. And if, like me, you use Google Chrome, then you are familiar with the cheeky laughing emoji Chrome shows you in place of a numerical value once your tab count rises above ninety-nine.

top of Google Chrome page on mobile
“Haha, you’ll never read all of these!”

I always mean to read or watch each tab I open, I really do, but life gets right in the way of my casual but constant pursuit of knowledge and entertainment. With all the time I waste doing necessary things like sleeping, going to work, and trying to drink enough water, I could probably have read through every tab thrice. What’s worse is that I can never just take a hiatus from opening more tabs. If something of even the slightest interest catches my eye, on Twitter, on Google, on Facebook, I have to open a tab in Chrome to read at some later date, by which I’ve almost definitely forgotten what I opened in the first place.

So, in the spirit of being an internet tab hoarder who is trying, with questionable success, to change, I present: All of the Web Comics I Don’t Want to Forget About in 2018!!

Disclaimer: Some of these are comics I’ve already read and fallen in love with, others are comics that I have yet to begin.

In no particular order:

Tada! Eight less tabs to have open on my phone! Eight because I’m in the middle of re-reading Girls With Slingshots and it would be silly to lose that progress now. Happy New Year!


Author: comicsnrambles

I just wanted to write again. I like Wolverine.

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